Advancing Perioperative and Critical Care Research

At the Perioperative Research Network (PRN), a distinguished group of academic U.S. anesthesiologists is committed to advancing the care provided to surgical and critically ill patients through dynamic collaborative research. Established in 2013, our team focuses on addressing critical medical questions using a variety of research strategies and tools.


Collaborative Excellence

Anesthesiologists at the Perioperative Research Network (PRN), our collaborative initiatives are aimed to develop innovative evidence-based practices in anesthesia, maximizing patient care standards, and enhancing medical protocols for surgical and critically ill patients.

Perioperative Research Network
Perioperative Research Network

Our Mission

Committed to driving innovative research in perioperative medicine, PRN aligns with leading anesthesiologists nationwide. Our goal is to advance patient care by exploring and shaping the future of perioperative practice.

Critical Care Evolution

At PRN, we are dedicated to revolutionizing critical care and perioperative medicine. Through collaborative studies and pioneering methods, we strive to raise the standard of perioperative care for the betterment of patients.

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